BDFreelance is a specialized internet marketing training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide a couple of hottest courses related online earning. After completing a practical course you might be your own BOSS. Online freelancing is a great opportunity to become established yourself. Many young people both male and female from various countries such as Bangladesh, India, Philippine, USA, Rumania, Russia etc are earning from online freelancing. We believe, if you got self-confident you’ll be also a successful achiever. You just need to have a proper guideline and a little bit support to you on your dream filling journey…! We are BDFreelanc here to make you satisfied and to support you in your beautiful journey. There are so many jobs on the freelance marketplaces. Bangladesh is one of the top countries on earning from these marketplaces. A large number of smart freelancers of Bangladesh are working on these areas.

So, If you are interested to be a part of our specialized courses, check out our marketing courses.

If you have any question or like to consult regarding your online dream; don’t feel any hesitation to contact us.
So keep in touch…! Make yourself skilled…! Start your freelance journey with us and be your own real BOSS…!

Our Mission:

To support to the Bangladeshi young generation to become a successful online freelancer so that they can support others…!

Our Speciality:

√   100% practical training √   Life Time Support & Help
√   Friendly Team Members √   Live & Recorded Lectures
√   Free Domain and hosting √   Live Questions & Answers
√   Free Adsense Friendly Website √   Presentation & Articles
√   Free eBooks & Tutorials √   Facebook Secret Group Membership
√   Free Premium Themes & Plugins √   Video tutorials
√   Free software & Tools √   100% learning guarantee and much more!

But remember:

  • No investment
  • No membership jobs
  • No quick rich system
  • No paid to click (PTC) scam
  • No form filling fraud
  • No data entry crap
  • No ads posting scam
  • No captcha entry etc

We provide 100% practical training so that you can earn money through your creativity! If you are interested just Register now. We will contact you within 48 hours.

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